Nestled in the southeast of the National Capital, Noida is a satellite city catering to ease Delhi’s housing and commercial demand. The city has been a hub for real estate and infrastructure development in the National Capital Region for a long term. However, it has only been in the past few months that the city has been getting all the attention it deserves.

The reason for this sudden increase in development and attention lies in the plethora of infrastructure projects lined up by the Noida authority and the construction of India’s largest International airport in Noida.

Therefore, the airport, being the catalyst, has attracted mammoth investment, is bound to produce lakhs of new jobs and is set to transform the city’s fate. The population of the city, as per the 2031 master plan, has also been kept at twenty-five lakhs, more than double the current population.

Hence, in this changing development landscape, investors can leverage high capital appreciation in the future. Real estate investment in Noida is a wise option, but it might get tricky given the number of ongoing projects.

Therefore, today, let’s dive into the best property in Noida, which is an excellent option for a real estate investment.

Real estate investment options in Noida

Noida is home to several top Indian and global companies. Therefore, it is easy to understand that the city’s commercial real estate is rising. However, Noida is also home to several residential sectors with notable developments to cater to the rising demands of Noida’s working population.

Hence, one can choose to invest in residential properties that include:

  • Flats and Apartments
  • Villas
  • Residential plots

Alternatively, one can invest in commercial real estate that includes:

  • Retail spaces
  • Food courts
  • Office and corporate spaces
  • Commercial studio apartments

However, several factors determine where you should invest. Below’s a table differentiating between residential and commercial property.

Residential Investment Commercial Investment
●       Lower rental value (2-4% per annum) ●       Higher rental value (6-12% per annum)
●       Depends on emotional aspect ●       Completely depends on logical analysis
●       Investment is not affected from market volatility ●       Depends highly on the market condition
●       Short Leasing period (6-11 months) ●       Longer Leasing Period (3-15 years)
●       Rental income may not increase with inflation ●       Rental could be revised as per market standards

Investing in a commercial property in Noida

Noida’s Commercial property has increased since the area started receiving government-sponsored development and investment through MNCs. With that happening, the city has many ongoing, ready-to-move-in, and under-construction projects.

Hence, in this oasis of development, each unique in itself, it is easy to get confused and be lost in the market. However, what if there is one property that ticks all the boxes that investors generally look for?

Bhutani 62 Avenue

A commercial marvel from the house of NCR’s one of the best commercial property developers, Bhutani Infra, this project is everything you would ever ask for.

Located at the right location to receive maximum footfall, the property hosts tons of features and amenities that elevate shoppers’ shopping, retail and dining experience. An under-construction project in Noida, Sector 62, Bhutani 62 Avenue, is quite affordable with the amenities and quality it promises.

Here are some of the top features of the property that make it a great investment option:

  • Al Fresco-styled food court with a sitting capacity of more than 200 individuals
  • Gaming zones with bowling alley, AR, VR experiences and indoor sporting options
  • A secured and safe investment with RERA approval bound to give possession in 2025
  • High expected footfall of over 5 lakh.
  • The architecture includes India’s largest indoor waterfall.

The location of the property is another eye-catcher. Bhutani 62 Avenue, Noida, is located in one of Noida’s first developed commercial sectors, home to several top MNCs and regional enterprises.

An important business district in Noida, the area has multimodal connectivity through roadways, metro, and Ghaziabad Railways station, just 15 minutes from the property. This makes it worth the investment since the location has a promising working-class population, both dwelling and working in the region. The pricing of the property is another eye-catcher that looks quite affordable. One can choose to invest in shops and food courts of different configurations based on their budget.

The property makes sure that the design and architecture are inspired by modernity and meet the sustainability and green development vision of the Noida Authority.

Here’s how:

  • Grade A Construction
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • energy efficient utilities
  • solid waste management
  • Heat and smoke sensors

The final Verdict

Noida is home to several notable developments that catalyse global change in NCR. Hence, amidst the changing landscape of Noida, it is a good opportunity to make a real estate investment to secure your future.

However, given the number of residential and commercial properties to invest in Noida, choosing the right property could be hectic. However, Bhutani 62 Avenue, Noida, is here to save you from hours of market research. Located in an important commercial district of Noida, it has multimodal connectivity, high footfall expectancy, and offers tons of amenities at a reasonable price.

Designed and powered by Bhutani Infra, Bhutani 62 Avenue is an approved property that promises a safe and secured investment.