From the diverse portfolio of Bhutani Infra, comes a sizable commercial project that is all unique in itself. The modern themed architecture comes with a strong brand name supporting its offering, featuring amazing high-end amenities. This commercial property on Noida Expressway and surrounding area deserves to be in your list of properties to consider while investing in Noida

With their affordable pricing, excellent location advantage that is supported by multimodal connectivity options in Noida, thes commercial properties in Noida are poised to meet the increasing demands of consumers. The facility promises an enticing shopping experience and a meaningful shopping extravagance.

Hence, this is read today, we’ll understand why one should choose to invest in commercial properties of Noida. Bonus added, will also know about the top two projects by the Bhutani Infra in the city.

Why invest in Noida?

No matter where you want to invest, in what region or which city, the fundamentals of investment have always remained the same.

Location, infrastructure, connectivity, growth and development, affordability and ease of doing business have always been the major factors for a real estate investment. Given that, these tend to play a crucial role in commercial real estate since it highly depends on the market conditions.

When it comes to Noida, the city tends to tick all these boxes making it a jaw dropping investment option for everyone. Here;s how:

  • Location:

Noida is strategically located south west of Delhi, and covers a vast region. The city is well planned in a grid iron pattern that provides a great opportunity to live, work, and celebrate. Green spaces and ample plantation plays an important role in providing all the calm and peace you want. The tranquillity of the area offers safety and leisure opportunities.

  • Infrastructure:

A city needs to have strong infrastructure in order to grow and attract a population. The strong infrastructure in Noida is another factor contributing to the high demand for real estate properties. The Authorities have already made significant financial investments to upgrade the area’s infrastructure and provide a first-rate experience. 

The area is growing quickly, as evidenced by the availability of social infrastructure and multimodal connectivity. Everyone has easy access to healthcare facilities, banking institutions, schools, and universities. The area’s planned development ensures that each industry has its own uniqueness and provides a wide range of possibilities from various service providers.

  • Connectivity

The area is distinct from other parts of Noida thanks to its connectivity. People may readily benefit from travelling to the popular places in the National Capital Region (NCR) because of the availability of Metro connectivity. There are many expressways, roadways, and highways that pass through Noida helping ease the commuting. Public transport network works in the favour of the city as well. Yamuna Expressway, DND flyover, Noida Expressway, Mahamaya Expressway, FNG expressway are some to name a few.

Best properties in Noida from Bhutani Infra to Invest

Noida is home to many real estate properties being developed these days. The city hosts tons of real estate developers with their under construction, newly launched, or ready to move in properties.

However, Bhutani Infra, since the last two decades has been a pioneer in commercial real estate of NCR. In Noida, there are two major developments from the house of Bhutani at two major locations of the city that you need to check.

    · Bhutani City Center 150

Bhutani City Center 150 (UPRERAPRJ270081) is one of the largest luxury commercial projects in sector 150, Noida, spanning across over one lakh square metres of land. The property is clubbed with two sides of open entrances, spreading at the brewing micro-market of Noida Expressway.

Investment here means to experience retail’s newest address in Noida. There is no competition for this commercial property on Noida Expressway, since it offers a glimpse of future lifestyle leisure in Delhi NCR. You can rest assured that everyone experiences a recreational nirvana. It will undoubtedly serve as a recreational space where people can unwind and experience a state of euphoria.

Below are some of the best traits of the property that makes it a great investment choice:

  • Low rise development with open air high street retail
  • High visibility through 500 feet massive frontage
  • Central location for high visibility and easy navigation and accessibility
  • Adjacent to India’s largest park spread across more than 1.7 million square metres.
  • Proximity to upcoming Noida International airport, and Film City.

Bhutani City Center 150 offers many investment options that include retail shops, food courts, dining restaurants, fine dine space, lifestyle stores, and work spaces.

    · Bhutani Cyberthum

The buzz of Noida is currently a mixed-use, ready-to-move-in commercial property on 108455 square metres. The goal of this 50-story commercial building is to provide an excellent corporate environment.

Bhutani Cyberthum (UPRERAPRJ190938, UPRERAPRJ236478, UPRERAPRJ240015, UPRERAPRJ674006), 140A, Noida is the tallest commercial skyscraper in North India which has a skyscraper mall connecting two towers.

The project also includes office towers that are planned as a vertical campus, with separate areas designated for various work types. Due to the project’s extensive catchments from surrounding residential sectors 137, 168, 143A & B, 133, 134, and 135, investors stand to gain greatly from it.

Here’s the top feature of the property:

  • Certified with LEED Platinum
  • Helipad
  • Spacious parking space that can park 5000+ vehicles
  • 360m high musical fountain
  • Over 10 lakh catchment

Different configuration options that Bhutani Cyberthum offers are retail and office space, Gaming and Entertainment zones, co-working space, food court and restaurant.

What for you in this?

Noida is evolving rapidly and has a promising future ahead. You can make the most of it by investing in the city’s real estate. Strategic location, robust infrastructure, amazing multimodal connectivity, and affordability are major factors that draw investor attention.

From the expertise of Bhutani comes two amazing commercial projects that look promising. The Bhutani City Center 150 in Sector 150, Noida and Bhutani Cyberthum in Sector 140A. Both are top developments with their own unique features that cater different investor types.

Make the best investment for yourself after analysing what type of investment you want to make and considering the right goals and objectives.