Over the past few years, Noida commercial real estate has attracted an increasing number of investors. Given that every business wants to have an office here and that the real estate market is at an all-time high, Noida has emerged as one of the top locations for the working class to prosper. It is amazing how well Noida has done in terms of commercial real estate investment, despite what appears to be Gurugram properties as competition.

Noida offers a strong return on investment due to its prime location and high foot traffic. It is the ideal place to invest in commercial real estate because of its enormous growth potential. A testament to Noida’s commercial advancements is the success stories of the city’s current commercial projects. Given its careful planning and inventiveness, Noida is poised to surpass other cities in terms of the growth of its commercial sector.

Noida’s commercial sector has demonstrated that it will prevail in the following decades by overcoming the challenges of COVID-19 and other Delhi NCR projects and emerging victorious. The enormous potential of Noida continues to astound everyone. Due to a number of factors, some of which are listed below, it has cemented its status as the top location for commercial projects:

Top 5 reasons to Invest in Noida:

1. Location Perks:

One of the best things about Noida is how close it is to Delhi. People can travel to Noida for both business and pleasure. Given the ease of the commute, thanks to the Greater Noida Expressway, traveling from Delhi is completely hassle-free. The metro system that connects Noida and Greater Noida can also be used to travel from Delhi to Noida. By using the metro, one can avoid the inconvenience of traffic and travel quickly and cheaply.

2. Superior Infrastructure:

In terms of high-quality infrastructure, Noida and Greater Noida are both regarded as some of the most developed cities. These towns have excellent planning and are connected to the Yamuna Expressway. Also, it is Noida’s superpower that it is a large, uncrowded city with clean, well-kept streets and neighborhoods. Thus, over the past ten years, many MNCs and IT firms have appeared and expanded here. This demonstrates why Noida is the most sought-after place to invest in commercial real estate.

3. Affordability for the working class:

The cost of commercial and residential real estate has increased as a result of the National Capital Territory’s rapid urbanization and expansion. In terms of commercial retail outlets and real estate, Delhi has become less accessible. Noida is significantly more affordable than Delhi. Real estate developers of the highest caliber have built their projects here because they recognize the significance of this location. As a result, Noida is seen as the second-best option after Delhi by a larger group of people. Noida has developed into the ideal location for investors to buy commercial properties as a result of the growth of affordably priced real estate projects there.

4. An abundance of amenities:

Noida is renowned for its consistent access to electricity, water, a fast internet connection, reliable transportation options, and an abundance of food hotspots. Additionally, Noida is home to prestigious schools, institutions, hospitals, banks, shopping centers, and restaurants. Because of the presence of well-known brands, it is one of India’s most sought-after locations for the working class to prosper. As a result, purchasing commercial real estate in Noida will give you access to the most affluent clientele in the nation.

5. Upcoming developments:

By 2024, the eagerly awaited Jewar airport is expected to be open for business. After it is finished, Noida and Greater Noida will significantly benefit from easier access to the most skilled labor force. Additionally, Noida will receive over Rs. 22,000 crores in investment for data centers, making it the top choice for elite businesses. In terms of real estate, Noida is also advancing, with Greater Noida West likely to see the construction of 5 lakh apartments over the next three to four years. About 12 lakh people will be able to live thanks to this development. By 2029–2030, the proposed bullet train between Delhi, Noida, and Varanasi would be operational, if more was required. As a result, the trip from Varanasi to Greater Noida will take three hours. Additionally, it will take just 20 minutes to travel from Sarai Kale Khan to Noida International Airport using this bullet train. These developments will undoubtedly elevate Noida and Greater Noida to the top spot for commercial real estate investment in the ensuing years.

Bhutani Grandthum- Ideal Commercial Spaces

The Bhutani Group’s magnificent commercial development, Bhutani Grandthum, is located in Greater Noida West (Delhi-NCR). It is Bhutani Infra’s most recent undertaking. After the enormous success of Bhutani Alphathum & Cyberthum, Bhutani Infra has launched Bhutani Grandthum Noida Extension.

It is situated in the center of the commercial district of Greater Noida West. The Bhutani Grandthum complex consists of twin-story retail space, two connected, tall office towers, and two levels of underground parking.

providing first-class offices. For prestigious businesses looking for space in Greater Noida West, the project will offer fantastic office space locations. Noida Extension has a lot of residential construction, so the project has a lot of demand for both office and retail space.

Retail stores, hypermarts, multi-brand store locations, luxury offices, fine dining restaurants, and retail stores are all part of this commercial development. In order to give the shops at Bhutani Grandthum the best visibility possible, retail spaces there are created to the most recent standards. Its office spaces exude pure grandeur, with windows that open to views of lush greenery and picturesque landscapes and interiors designed to be as comfortable as possible.

Additionally, the idea of “Water and Yacht” closely resembles the client’s current brand identity. Grandthum detailing strives to provide a modern, opulent, and exclusive space for affluent professionals, meeting both retail and business needs.

The elegant finish of the interiors can be seen all through the retail podium and office lobbies, luring visitors into a modern setting that is accentuated by lively shops, cutting-edge eateries, and the creative use of technology.


There will likely be a designated commercial area in the layout of the majority of residential projects in Noida. Numerous commercial developments offer a variety of retail stores and office spaces. Therefore, to reduce risk factors, investors can consider various lucrative plans provided by developers, such as lease guarantee post-possession and return on investment. Concluding all these points, it is advisable to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of commercial properties before deciding.