Do you need a profitable commercial real estate property at a prime location? A real estate investor must consider many things while investing in properties.

Therefore, let’s find out what every real estate investor, especially commercial investors, needs to consider while finding profitable commercial properties for investment. 

Is commercial property investment better than residential property investment?

People often get confused while selecting a real estate property for investment. They can’t decide whether to go for a residential or commercial property like the Bhutani Grandthum. Therefore, let’s determine the difference between commercial and residential to determine better. 

  • Commercial properties offer commercial spaces like shopping complexes, office spaces, warehouses or anything that helps generate business. Residential properties are considered apartments, houses and villas with the motive of reselling or renting out to a tenant. 
  • The rent is higher in commercial properties than in residential properties, and the lease period is longer.
  • Therefore, commercial properties are better than residential ones if you want to invest in property to generate income. However, the value of commercial properties can decrease drastically when the market is down. 
  • The capital investment in commercial property is higher than in residential property, but the return is also higher. 
  • In commercial properties, it becomes difficult to find tenants, but on the other hand, finding tenants for residential properties is not so difficult, especially if the property has all the basic amenities and facilities. 

Therefore, if you can invest high capital in real estate properties, it’s better to go for commercial properties. 

What are the factors while selecting a profitable commercial property?

If you have decided to purchase profitable commercial properties in posh places like Bhutani Alphathum Noida or other places, here are the factors you need to consider.

1. Property condition

Suppose you plan to rent the buildings to MNCs and established businesses. In that case, you must ensure that your building comes in Grade A. Grade A building offers better capital appreciation and helps increase the lease period. 

Always go for the properties which offer Grade A facilities and amenities, which help you to find the right tenant for the property.

2. Location

Always choose a location with developed infrastructure and well-established connectivity. Investing in a commercial property in a posh location can give you better results in the future. 

If the location isn’t favorable, it would be hard for the owners to find tenants for their commercial properties.

3. Types of commercial properties

There are different commercial properties present in the real estate market. Select the type of commercial property you want to invest your money in to get the most profitable one. 

Different types of commercial properties in the market are warehouses, office spaces, retail shops, industrial spaces and many more.

4. Selecting the right builder 

Many builders in residential properties offer affordable apartments, but the players are limited to commercial properties. Therefore, make sure that you select a well-reputed builder for commercial property investment.

Always verify the builder’s credibility before finalizing the commercial property deal.

5. Market Analysis 

It is important to check out the market demand and supply, which helps you know where the need for commercial properties is at its peak. Investing in a place with a need for commercial property for upcoming business-like Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, Pune, etc., proves profitable for the investors. 

Check out which type of commercial property is required at which place to get more profit. It is always profitable to invest in a place where the demand for commercial property is high and the supply is low. 

What are the best commercial properties for investment?

Choosing the right commercial property from a well-established builder is important to earn good ROI. Therefore, a few commercial properties prove profitable for investors.

I. Bhutani Grandthum

The property is located in Noida Extension, which has the tallest twin towers and is known as the greatest commercial hub for the Greater Noida West. It offers spaces for fine dining, offices and retail shops with world-class amenities that include a conference room, high-speed elevators, staff, Vastu Compliant and many more. 

The project is close to the FNG Expressway, and the nearest metro station is Noida Sector 101. The Delhi-Meerut expressway is 9.2 km away, and the Gaur Chowk is 3 Km. 

II. Bhutani Alphathum 

The project has the world’s largest infinity pool with a gardening and coffee lounge area. The building has three high-rise towers, and there are walkways to connect them. It is a Grade A project with well-established connectivity via road and metro station. 

The investors can find Yamuna Expressway and Noida-Greater Noida Expressway. The Purvanchal Royal Park Sector 137 is 240 meters away from the location. The Great Indian Palace Mall is 13 km away from the location. 

III. Bhuthani Cyberthum

It is one of India’s tallest commercial towers in Sector 140A, Noida. It has a helipad and a large area for the parking facility, which offers 421 for open parking and around 4950 for basement parking. 

Bhuthani Cyberthum is 3.4 km away from the Noida Sector 142 metro station, and the unique point of the property is the mall which connects the two towers. 


Commercial properties are profitable investment choices by keeping all the factors in mind. However, the investors need to consider the risks and choose accordingly to avoid any loss and get better ROI in future.