In the times we are living in, the workspace has been redefined. The days of cramped cubicles, a stifling environment, and red files are over. Today’s working professionals have high hopes from their offices. Officegoers expect their offices to be spacious, hygienic, and conducive to work. If a modern workspace does not offer a comfortable ambiance and excellent amenities, employees will not have the incentive to work there. For any business to succeed, it must attract talents and retain them. Attracting talent and retaining them is easier said than done. Today, in the post-pandemic world, where people have a taste of working from home, getting employees back to offices is a tough task. A business that offers its employees excellent amenities, great social infrastructure, a healthy and happening ambiance, etc., will succeed in creating a happy workplace buzzing with creativity and productivity.

Bhutani Alphathum, located in Sector 90, Noida, is revolutionizing the modern workspace experience by offering employee-centric offices. These offices are well-lit, equipped with modern amenities, and offer an environment conducive to work.

The Bhutani Alphathum is a commercial undertaking comprising three towers adjacent to each other. These three towers have the world’s biggest swimming pool atop them. With modern amenities and world-class infrastructure, Bhutani Alphathum is all set to redefine the commercial face of Sector 90 in Noida. These buildings are designed with the state-of-the-art-technology, ensuring energy conservation, and offer a one-off work experience. The blend of uniqueness and innovativeness in the workspace at Bhutani Alphatum is recreating work experience and turning the building into a magnet for offices looking for workspace.

One of the crucial features that set Bhutani Alphathum apart from other commercial buildings offering working space is the former’s use of cutting-edge technology and personalization of workspace as required by different businesses. The Bhutani Alphathum is well-equipped with state-of-the-art technology such as facial recognition and biometrics, ensuring the safety of those working in it. The use of technology also ensures the optimum use of limited resources and helps in cost-cutting measures, an essential requirement for running a successful business.

There are high-speed elevators, capable of traveling at the speed of 18 meters per second, and escalators that make working in the tower effective and efficient. Today, most real estate developments are vertical owing to a lack of space. Vertical development of infrastructure means high-rise buildings with multiple floors. To make working hassle-free and a memorable experience, multi-floored buildings ought to have an efficient system of carrying people from one floor to another. Bhutani Alphathum commercial buildings in Sector 90, Noida, have some of the fastest elevators in India, fostering an easy and hassle-free work environment.


We are living in an age of extremes. From politics to the environment to society, everything has undergone a fundamental change in the last few years. Developing countries, like India and Pakistan, bear the brunt of climate change disproportionately compared to developed nations. Developed nations are the major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and yet they escape not only the responsibility of sustainable development but also the price of climate change. Poor countries with long sea coasts and large numbers of glaciers experience devastating consequences of the fast-changing climate. More than half of Pakistan, for example, was submerged, losing billions of dollars of property and thousands of precious human lives.

The future is of sustainable development. Any real estate developer who ignores sustainability and focuses primarily on tangible profit is doomed to fail in the longer run.

Bhutani Alphathum is committed to sustainability. The developer believes in being environmentally friendly and incentivizes long-term benefits over short-term gains.

Bhutani Alphathum is designed to be energy-efficient and uses technology to cut down the carbon footprints of the building. Rainwater harvesting systems, solar panels, etc., are used to ensure maximum utilization of renewable resources. The tower also has a green roof, ensuring mitigation of the heat island effect. The green roof also offers a comfortable and beautiful outdoor space where employees can relax and unwind.

Workspace Design

Another attractive feature of Bhtani Alphathum is its path-breaking workspace design. The building has an open-plan office, promoting collaboration and creativity. Open-space office uses space optimally, ensuring each and every inch of space is utilized in the best possible way without sacrificing the efficiency or effectiveness of the workers.

The office space in the building is spacious and well-lit. A well-ventilated office increases the efficiency of the workers and also helps in cutting down on employees calling in sick because of unhygienic work conditions. Offices inside the buildings have large windows, offering panoramic views of the city.


Availability of amenities is another area where the Bhutani Alphathum is revolutionizing the modern workspace experience.

All office space in the Bhutani Alphathum in Sector 90, Noida has the latest technology. High-speed internet, a video conferring hall, smart boards to train employees, etc., are available in the offices. The availability of modern technology ensures employees stay connected and remain productive. Leveraging technology for optimal results is a must in modern times. The Bhutani Alphathum understands the importance of technology in workplaces and incorporates state-of-the-art technology in its workspaces.

Other amenities like gyms, food courts, and a rooftop swimming pool – which is being dubbed as the biggest rooftop swimming pool in the world – are also available. The presence of such a large number of amenities within the Bhutani Alphathum commercial building offers employees wide-ranging options for relaxing and recreation.

A focus on employee wellness

Bhutani Alphathum is probably the only commercial space in India that emphasizes employee wellness. Human resource is the biggest resource. A company, irrespective of its size and revenue, is nothing without its employees. Putting employees in the center of office design is a must for the growth and development of any organization.

Bhutani Alphathum in Sector 90, Noida, is home to numerous wellness amenities. The building boasts a meditation center, a yoga studio, and a spa. These amenities help employees in coping with the everyday pull and push of their demanding job.

Other available amenities

Bhutani Alphathum, besides the abovementioned amenities, also offers other services to make the working experience as hassle-free as possible. The services include housekeeping, maintenance, and 24/7 security. These services ensure employees focus on their job rather than getting side-tracked by the details of their working space.


The Bhutani Alphathum is driving modernization in the workspace. In recent times, Bhutani Alphathum has emerged as a disruptor in the office space by driving innovation and modernization at a large scale. Its focus on leveraging technology to offer an effective and efficient workspace has resulted in the sustainable development employee-centric workspace. As the demand for the modern workspace continues unabated, Bhutani Alphathum is geared to emerge as an industry leader in providing a workspace experience that is both innovative and motivating.