India’s commercial real estate sector has grown by leaps and bounds throughout the last ten years, especially after the advent of ground breaking laws like RERA. Apart from that, matters of the continuous industrial growth, domestic and international market demands and the rapid implementation of several innovative schemes and missions like Smart City mission, Production Linked Incentive Schemes, and Make In India has also acted as a catalyst to scale up the growth of this market while pushing the demands of new commercial offices and retail spaces towards an upward direction. All of these factors make commercial properties like Bhutani Alphathum an ideal source to reap high rental yields and sustained returns on investment.

But at the same time, Investing is a daunting affair and requires you to be a keen observer of the situation. As a real estate investor, it would be wise for you to acquire a 360-degree understanding of the market and a far-sighted view driven by critical analysis of the vital facts and figures. Now to understand the tits and bits of commercial real estate investment, you can also go through the rest of the blog and build a basic understanding of how you can invest smartly so that your interests remain safe in the long 3 watch case replica best watch copies
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Market Research is Mandatory

  • Pay attention to the current market trends before investing in commercial real estate property in India. Critically analyse the possible scope of future growth where you are about to invest.
  • Properties in fully developed areas like Delhi and Mumbai, and Bangalore may create a big hole in your pocket. So, try to invest in commercial projects near the fully growing economic zones such as Noida, Gurgaon & Pune.

Scrutinise Your Site location

  • Be careful of where you are investing your hard-earned money. Not all locations can generate good returns on investment. Check out the economic potential of the site.
  • Find out whether the location is easily accessible or not. Invest where you are closely connected with significant modes of transportation like metro, railways, highways and airports.

 Consult a Financial Expert 

  • It is not easy to comprehend the exact outcome of a commercial property when I have no previous experience of investing in commercial properties. So before you prepare a perfect cost estimation, profit projection and budget estimation sheet, You must consult a reputed financial advisor, someone who knows the real estate market in and out.
  • Most new real estate investors and business people are unaware of the current tax regime and the related intricacies. So before you invest, you have to figure out how tax codes are implicated in your commercial investments.
  • Ask your financial advisors about the available home loan facilities. 

Choose a Reputed Builder

  •  Always choose a reputed builder before buying a commercial property in India; check out the Builder’s portfolio. Find out his work history and reputation. Talk to his old customers and take their reviews.

Check the Layout Plan 

  • Building layout plays a significant role in increasing your operational efficiency. It can directly impact the scope of earning and business stability. Therefore, you should always go for an intelligent layout plan.

 Abide By the Laws & Regulations 

  • Legal hurdles can be time-consuming. It can bring an artificial financial burden over your shoulders. Therefore it is important to be well-aware of all the legal aspects, especially the tenant laws, ownership laws, registration process, land acquisition laws and government taxes codes.
  • Ideally, you should consult a legal specialist to have a deep understanding of these issues. Also, do not forget to ask for the RERA Registration Number of the concerned commercial property and check its legal validity.

 Social Infrastructure & Footfall Ratio 

  • A Well crowded neighbourhood ensures a higher footfall ratio, thereby providing more excellent commercial stability in terms of the low vacancy rate and higher rental revenue.
  • An ideal commercial property must be centrally connected with all sorts of public and private infrastructures such as popular shopping malls, industrial zones, residential townships, Hospitals, schools and colleges.